Tuesday, May 01, 2007

as the spider says ....

happening to bump into last tuesday's bass player in the filling station i grovellingly sidled up and apologised for being crap. see below.

he was cool. pointed out a couple of strengths of my performance, which i hadn't recognised, and told me to keep turning up.

i felt much relieved. and encouraged.

as the spider says ....... 'a little sycophancy can take you a long way'.

went to a great funeral afterwards.


yeah, wasn't mine.

peace and love


Nava said...

Hey, you have a face all of a sudden!

Patrick Ellis said...

so i do. and how pleasant to have it acknowledged by a fellow blogger as i tuck into two LARGE croissants, blackcurrant jam and a cup of ever so british T on a sunny morning in may.

although considering my pic i suppose i should start the day in my shorts riding through cactus scrub on my harley d before wrestling a couple of my pet alligators and refreshing myself with the customary pint of diesel laced whiskey. with a rat in for protein.


think i'll stick to croissants and blogging.

peace and lots of the other thing.

Nava said...

Try some refreshing green-ant lemonade, if you feel thirsty after all the gator wrestling.

Actually, it would be crocodiles, as the aforementioned drink is consumed in the Australian outback.
No, I am not making it out - we actually had it!
Very, Hmm... interesting, but you need to constantly blow the ants away, as they're y'know, floating on top... need I say more?

Patrick Ellis said...

found an external reference to GAL so i know it must be true after all.

but somehow i don't think i'll place an order in the clydach deli. its not that i'm a veggie or anything .....

by the way did you catch the comment on your portrait, n?

for all those who don't think p&l = profit and loss. you know who you aren't.

Nava said...

Well, It was fun trying the GAL once. No need for another time :-)

As you can see, I now have a new self-portrait. constantly searching, that's moi.

P&L to you too!