Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Old enough to know better but far too old to give a damn"

Taken on one of Swansea's few sunny Sundays in September 2012 by my good friend Betsabé Longo who came all the way from Uruguay to help me on my musical journey.

Monday, October 22, 2012


well, yes, i've done it. i've gone from complete-harmonica-dork-who-can-do-a-bit-of-blues to, dare i say it, a musician. last friday i played ambient tango harmonica for the best part of three hours at la Parilla in SA1, UK entertaining bar staff and diners alike.

and OMG am i proud of myself?

go on

do you need to guess?

the answer is yes.

this has been one solid, long term build, boys and girls. still plenty of work to do but if i can cover that gig i guess i can do it in any restaurant in any part of the world.

thanks loads to my busking angel who sometimes turns up when i need him, if he's not trying to cop-on to the barmaid or being sick on someone else's daps.

thanks also to the big hearted dance angels: madeline and angela and gary and tim and felicia and heathers 1, 2 and 3 and alice and martin .... and obviously not forgetting pauline cakes for her early encouragement ...... or 'pops' ezard who showed me how to use my breath to paint colours in the air ....... and everybody else who helped ......

peace and love